Greetings from the warehouse!

As we are vigorously packing the pre-orders of our new album 'Talviyö', we want to inform you about some delivery issues that's been out of our hand. Unfortunately we received some of the products later than we should have, and we have been able to ship out the pre-orders starting from wednesday. The huge amount of orders and the final peak from the past couple of weeks are forcing us to work around the clock with some extra hands to help us. We are very glad to have so many orders to be shipped, but we are not able to have all of the orders shipped in time, so unfortunately there will be a delay for some of the orders. All the worldwide orders will be shipped using DHL Express and the delivery time from shipping is normally 1-4 days, so you should receive your order within next week (excluding the 3XL shirt case that we have contacted the affected customers directly).

We apologize for the inconvenience and we thank all of you for the massive support and patience!

Best wishes from Finland,
Team Sonata